About Us

​High Altitude Training Australia provide quality high altitude training systems on a rental or outright purchase basis. Delivery, initial instruction and pick up within the Adelaide metro area is FREE to help you fast-track your physical goal whether that be improving your fitness, losing weight or just preparing for your high altitude ski-ing or trekking holiday.

As well as purchasing one of our new or ex-rental systems, short term rental of this this type of equipment has become an affordable and practical option for both the serious and recreational athlete if their goal is to gain the benefits possible by regular exposure or training in high altitude conditions. 

Our mask-based portable training system can simulate oxygen concentration levels from 18.0%  to as low as 9.0% which is equivalent to being 22,000 feet (6,700m)  above sea level and is an ideal add-on to any physical training routine.

Train like an elite athlete or just supercharge your fitness level in the comfort of your own home. There a various rental terms ranging from a 3 week trial to 12 months depending on your specific goals or to suit your budget.